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What is Jar App | How To Earn Money From Jar App In 2023

Friends, in this article you will know what is jar app and how to use it. If you are interested in investing in digital gold then this article is just for you. Gold is the only commodity in the world that keeps increasing in value. How many times have you thought about saving, but then you think you’ll do it later?

We all know that saving is a good thing. If you save money today, money will save you tomorrow, but people still put off saving until tomorrow. What would it look like if the saving process was automated? All you have to do is install an app, set it up and leave.

In this article, we are talking about one such interesting app, called Jar App. Tell us what it is.

What is Jar App?

Jar app saves money left over from daily expenses in the form of digital gold like a digital piggy bank. Jar App is an online digital gold investment app. It tracks the bank SMS in your phone and sets your expenses in multiples of 10 or 5.

Let us understand this with an example. Just as we were given money to buy food as children, we used to spend some of it and put the rest of the change in the piggy bank. Similarly, whenever you buy something through UPI, the remaining amount is automatically debited and automatically invested in digital gold.

Suppose you bought something worth Rs 47 and then paid through UPI, then this app will convert that expenditure into a multiple of 10 ie 50. After that Rs 47 will be given to the shopkeeper and the remaining Rs 3 will be invested as digital gold in the jar app. If you had Rs 15370 in your account then it becomes Rs 15320. will be done. Chiller amount will be auto debited.

Who owns the jar app, is it safe?

Jar App is owned by Nishche AG and Misbah Ashraf. The two are co-founders of the company and launched the Jar app in May 2021. Jar App is 100% Indian Gold Investment App. Also, this app has been downloaded more than 5 million times. With Jar app you can improve your financial status with 24K gold.

Now let’s talk about whether it is safe or not, this app is hundred percent safe. This is not a scam or fraud. Millions of people are converting their daily savings into gold by using this app. There is no danger to anyone from its use. Many Bollywood celebrities have also given advertisements for it.

How to download jar app

To download the Jar app, you can download it by visiting the myjar.app URL and clicking Buy Gold on the home page itself. Also it can be downloaded by going to play store and searching jar app, the link of which is given in the button below. You can download jar app by clicking this button. The size of this app is only 20MB.

How To Use Jar App (How To Use Jar App In Hindi)

To use Jar app, you first need to open an account in it and then you can invest in gold. This gold is 99.95% pure. From creating an account down to completing the process of receiving gold and money is described.

How to create account in jar app

  1. Launch the jar app and open it
  2. An interface like this will appear here, click on Start Now

Click Start Now

  1. After that contact with your number.

Contact with mobile no

  1. Now an OTP will be sent to your number which will be automatically detected by Jar app.

Fill OTP

  1. Now allow the jar app to read messages only after your message is read and the rest is detected. Click Allow for this

SMS permission

  1. After that enter your name with surname and click next.

Enter your name.

  1. Now select for which you are saving.

Select what you are saving for.

  1. After that click on the Skip option at the top

Click Quit

  1. This is how your JarApp account is created. Jar app home page is listed below. The cost per gram of color is shown above.

How to Buy Digital Gold on Jar App

  1. Click the Start Saving button on the home page of the Jar app.
  2. After that, select the amount of gold you want to buy and click Buy Now again. Here you can also use any coupon code. Rs.20 off on first time purchase of gold using coupon code FIRSTJAR. Additional gold of Rs

Click on Buy Now.

  1. Your payment summary will then be displayed. After that click on Pay Now option.

Click on Pay Now.

  1. Now select any UPI payment method and make the payment.

Select the UPI app for payment.

  1. After that your purchase of Digital Gold will be successful. You will also get a spin by playing which can earn you extra money.

Gold purchase successful

  1. Now the amount of gram gold you have bought will be reflected in your jar account account.

How to Setup Auto Debit in JAR App

On setting up Auto Debit in Jar App, the amount set by you is automatically debited from your account through Jar App and invested in Digital Gold. To set it up, follow the steps below.

  1. Scroll down on Jar app home page and find Save as you spent option and click on Know More.
  2. Wait a few seconds then click Proceed.

Click on Proceed.

  1. After that click on Go Ahead. If you want to be notified every time before saving, then tick the Automatically option.

Click Go Ahead.

  1. After that click on Proceed option.

Click Continue again.

  1. Now you have to select any UPI app through which you can make payment and click on proceed.

Choose a payment method

  1. Set up AutoPay by paying now. Your chillers will then be saved in the Jar app. You can cancel this at any time by going to Settings.

How to withdraw money from jar app.

One thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to sell the digital gold you buy immediately. You can sell it only 24 hours after buying it. The process of selling digital gold is described below.

  1. Click the hamburger icon (three-line menu) on the home page of the Jar app.
  2. After that click on Withdraw Savings option.

Click on withdraw savings.

  1. Now enter the savings amount you want to withdraw and click on Withdraw Savings.

Enter the amount you want to sell.

  1. After that enter your UPI ID and Jar app will sell your gold and send money to your bank account through your UPI ID.

Frequently asked questions about the jar app

Q1: Is it necessary to do KYC in jar app?
Answer: Yes, KYC is required in Jar app when you-

  1. Buy gold worth 30 grams or Rs 1.50 lakh.
  2. They are cashing out by selling the purchased gold.
  3. Convert the winnings into gold in Jar app.
  4. Order digital gold to keep as coins at home.

Q2: Where is the purchased gold stored?
JarApp has tied up with SafeGold (India’s largest gold exchange platform). This means that every gold transaction you make is done with SafeGold. If you spend Rs.10. Even if you buy digital gold worth Rs.10, SafeGold will give you Rs.10. Maintains original gold reserves of Rs.

Q3: How to do KYC in Jar app?
To do KYC in jar app, you need to click on locker option. Now click on the Settings icon at the top. Here you will find KYC option. Where KYC can be done by uploading PAN card details or photo.


We have told you a lot of information about jar app. There are some things left like its pros and cons, which we will try to cover soon. If you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, let us know in the comments.

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