How To Fix B Love Network Verification OTP Not Receive Problem

At the time of login in the b love network app, most of the users not receive login verification OTP. And they are not logged into their accounts easily. This OTP comes on the user’s email address. We have the best solutions to fix B Love Network verification OTP not receive problem.

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We recommend you read this article till the end. After reading this article, you will completely fix your verification OTP not receive problems.

What is Verification OTP in B Love Network?

What is Verification OTP in B Love Network?

B Love Network app verification OTP is just a 6-number code. This code they send you on the b love network login time. If you do not receive this code you are not logged in to your account.

For this reason, first, you need to know the real value of this code. Then you go to the solution to this issue. After that create your account in the b love app.

Go to the login page and enter your email address and password, and click on the login option, they need your login email. You enter your email address they send you a verification code just like the above image.

How To Fix B Love Network OTP Not Receive Problem?

Users face this problem many times, they do not receive their verification Otp on their email address. So, guys, we have 3 solutions for this problem.

It is not possible, for you not to receive your code, but sometimes users create mistakes in details. If you enter the wrong email address, then you do not receive a code for your email address.

If you enter your enter email address and do not receive the code. then follow the below methods.

Method No 1

In this method, we check our email address first, it’s the correct and active email address on your mobile. If all is okay then we apply for code.

  1. Check your email address
  2. Click on the send code button
  3. If you do not receive this code, you can apply for the code 3 times
  4. You received our verification OTP

Method No 2

B Love Network is the biggest 10 million users system, 10 million is the largest number, for this reason, users face the problem sometimes of not receiving their OTP on time.

  • Log in to your application and apply for the code
  • If you try 3 to 4 times and again face this problem
  • So, for this, we have only 1 solution for this
  • Go back and remove the application from the background and wait a few times ( 30 to 60 minutes )
  • Then again apply for the code

Method No 3

If you apply method no 1 or 2 but do not revive your verification code. Then you apply this method. After following this method we are sure you revive your code easily.

  • Go to your mobile phone home page
  • Long press on your b love network app
  • You see some options on your app
  • Click on the app info option
  • A new menu is open on your screen front
  • You select no 2 options ( Storage and Cache )
  • Next, click on the clear cache option and clear your application’s old data

After following this method. Again open your b love app. Try the login, using your email address and password. Next, enter your email address and send a verification code. You receive your verification code at your email address. Copy this code and enter, then log in to your application.

Frequently Asks Questions

What is b love OTP?

OTP is your verification code. This is a very good thing for every user. At the time of logging in b love app, they send a verification code to your email. If you enter your code then you are logged in to this app.

What to do if I don’t receive OTP?

If you do not receive your B Love Network OTP. You can try 3 to 4 times for the OTP.

How much is 1 B Love Token in Pakistan?

At this time b love token price in Pakistan according to the USD is $0.05 and according to the Pkr 14.35 rupes.

What is the best b love network referral code?

The best referral code for the b love network app is ( OSOBYY9YAZ ). You can apply this code on the login time, you get free 100BLV tokens


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