How To Deposit and Withdraw BLV Token?

BLV token is b love network coin for staking crypto using this new app. Well, if you are looking complete guide on “how to deposit and withdraw BLV tokens” for the B Love Network app. Yes, then you are at the right article.

In this article, we guide you complete method for this step by step. So, read this article at the entire end, you will understand all points.

For this, first of all, you need to create your account on XchangeOn app. Because this is a crypto exchange app. Read the below guide and create your account first.

How To Create XchangeOn account?

How To Create XchangeOn account?

If you already have this app account, you follow the next step. And for the new user follow the all steps.

  • Go to the play store and Apple app store
  • Search the app name ( XchangeOn ) Download this
  • Open the app after download
  • Click on the sign-up option enter your details and sign up
  • After the sign up login your account

First, complete all steps, then follow the method for the deposit blv token in the b love app.

How To Deposit BLV Tokens?

This guide you follow for the deposit blv tokens. Follow this guide and complete all processes easily.

Are you new to the b love network app? So, for the more earning you must deposit coins. After the creation account of XchangeOn, go to your b love app. Follow the below guide.

Step Number 1

Open the XchangeOn app, and click on the trade section option. You see the blv token for the trade. Click on it.

Step Number 2

Now you guys, use BUSD or USDT for buying this. If you deposit this coin you must need BFIC.

Step Number 3

Open your b love app, and click on the deposit option. You look transaction address. Copy this address and paste it to XchangeOn. Confirm transaction.

After the complete all the above steps. You see Blv tokens in your b love app for staking new crypto.

How To Withdraw BLV Tokens?

As well, if you deposit your blv tokens to your Crypto exchange. So, you can follow the same steps but change some things for your information. Follow the blue guide.

  • Open the B Love Network app
  • Click on the withdraw option
  • Next, open the XchangeOn app, and click on the deposit option
  • Copy your address.
  • Comeback on the b love app
  • Past address and select the amount and start to withdraw
  • Confirm the transaction

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BLV Tokens?

BLV tokens is new crypto tokens for the b love app. You can use this app and stake this coin free of cost.

How To Sell BLV Coin?

If you have a BLV coin and try it for sale, you can withdraw it in any exchange.

How To Buy BLV Tokens in Pakistan?

Guys, no specific guide is available for any country. Follow the same above method and buy.


In this article, we were telling you how you can deposit and withdraw BLV Tokens. We have shared with you a complete guide on this. Hope you are understood.

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