How To Earn Money From B Love Network App?

B Love Network is an Android and iOS base app. The main purpose of creating this app is to earn money from this. This is a cryptocurrency program based on the BFIC blockchain. Users have questions on how to earn money from the b love network.

So, in this article, we write complete information on it. Also, tell you how you can earn money from it and how this app is work based on BFIC coin.

What is B Love Network App?

B Love Network is a small earning app, this app allows you to earn money. This app is available for all countries, you can download this app on the play store and app store.

How To Earn Money From B Love Network?

How To Earn Money From B Love Network?

Guys, if you are interested in this app and think to start earning from it. We tell you all the steps from point to point. Also, we are already writing complete detailed articles on it.

So, the make money from the b love app, first, you follow some special steps. This app has 2 main methods for earning, the first method is to stake BLV tokens, and the second method is to Refer your friends. Follow all the below steps and start earning from it.

Rember, guys, this app also has a pro-investment mode. But am not suggesting it for investing your money. Only use the free method and earn money.

1 – Download B Love Network App

For the download, of this b love app you can follow very simple steps. This app is also available for Android, iPhone, and Pc. As well we also provide below download buttons, click on them and start downloading.

  • Click the below download button
  • They shift you to the download page
  • On the download page app is availed for all devices
  • You can select your device and start downloading

2 – Create Your B Love Network App Account

Create Your B Love Network App Account

When the application is downloaded on your device, after that you have to create your account in the b love network, and in that account, you have to start working for earning by using this. Follow the below steps to create your account.

  • Open the b love app
  • Click on the signup option
  • Enter your details ( Phone number, email address, password ) and everything they need for you.
  • Enter this ( OSOBYY9YAZ )referral code and get free 100 BLV tokens
  • After the end of your information tab
  • They send verification codes to your email. Some users face code not sending problems. If you face this same issue then read this article. ( How to fix OTP verification problem )
  • They show your private key on your screen, save this key

3 – Start Earning From B Love Network

We already tell you this app allows you to earn money by using 2 methods. These methods are different. Here we guide you on this. In the 1st method, you can earn money through the stake BLV tokens, and in the second method, you can earn money by inviting your friends and other family members to this app.

Method Number 1 – Stake B Love Tokens

After creating your account on the b love network app login to your account they drive you to the app home page. You see this app is a very clean and simple interface. Start staking by clicking on the heart option.

  • On the home of this app
  • You see a big heart in the center, just like the above image
  • Click on it, they can start your staking prosses.

Your this stake amount is looking for the 500 days. It means you are not withdrawing your this BLV tokens for the 500 days period. After the complete this period you can withdraw your stake B Love Tokens using Xchangeon and another Innovation factory exchange.

Method Number 2 – Earn Money Using Your Referral Code

In the second method, you refer your friends through your link. How you get the link also, I tell you. First, you need to know the information about it.

If anybody clicks on your referral link and uses your referral code. You earn small amounts through it. For the complete details, follow the below guides.

  • First log in to your account
  • Click on the down-side team option
  • You can click on it
  • Press the add referral option and share this with your friends
  • If people come and download this app and create an account you earn money.

F. A. Q

Earn money from the B Love app without investment?

B Love app provides 2 free online earning methods, the 1 st method is stake-free crypto, and the second method refers to your friends on this app.

B Love Network Rfreel Code?

OSOBYY9YAZ This referral code provides you with free 100 BLV tokens on your first sign-up in this app.

Can we use the b love network apk version?

We do not suggest you use the B Love network app apk version without any security. If you think apk version provider website is secure then you are using it.


On this page, we shared all the information on how to earn money from the b love network app. As well, as guide you main points of this app. Hope you understand everything about it.

At the end of this page, we thank you for your visit and read the information on this page. If you have any questions ask in the comment section. We provide information related to the b love app on this website, if you are interested then subscribe and share this with your friends.